Defining Kindness

A quick look at the Greek word translated as "kindness", urges us to think about acts of kindness being what is useful for someone.  It's a hold the door open for the person behind you kind of thing that makes whatever the person is doing do it a little better, a little quicker. The kindness of picking something up which has been dropped allows the person's task to be a little easier.  Perhaps they can open the door themselves.  Perhaps they can pick it up themselves.  But, by you doing it - you're just smoothing the way.  1 Corinthians 13 defines love as being kind:  the dinner guest loading the dishwasher so I can get to bed earlier act of love.

Lord, open my eyes to see ways I can make life easier for the people around me.  Give me creativity and courage to look ahead and see what will help them.


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