On This, Our Third Anniversary

One Two Three Years passing in minutes,

Sewing and reaping, moving, changing, to-do lists

One thousand, ninety-seven days, four hours of forgiveness

My will verses yours, battles of selfishness

This process of laying down lives, self-protection

Two becoming one – Holy Sanctification

And entering each morning with the knowledge that we have not enough

To do this marriage on our own

Enough love, enough goodness, enough selfless ambition

Faith not works, even in this marriage creation

By grace we are saved by the One Great Physician

Secret laughter, secret stories, breaths of sacred dimensions

Missing you when I’m upstairs and you’re in the kitchen

God-His Son-His Spirit, Him our daily confession

Bedrock of this marriage-friendship, this God Glorifying mission

In sickness, health, for richer, for poorer

Our marriage is – our marrage is - our worship expression

April 9, 2011


Brandy said…
You are super cool, and I live your look at marriage! Happy wedding memory day!

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