I'm Worried

Robert Jones wrote about "Getting to the Heart of Your Worry"...  Here's some things to journal about or talk about to a trusted friend...

(1) What one or two concerns in your life most often
become areas of worry or anxiety?

(2) Worrying is always a symptom of remaining
idolatry and unbelief. Identify the specific idols and lies
that are ruling you.

(3) What specific truths about God and promises
from God do you need to embrace?

(4) Take specific steps to repent of worry, idols, and
lies. Embrace God’s truth and promises. Ask God to
forgive you and cleanse you, based on Jesus’ death and

(5) Replace those idols and lies with appropriate
truths and promises about God; count on them and
believe them daily.

(6) Respond to the Lord with appropriate steps of
obedience. What is today’s task?

As further help, study and pray over passages such
as Matthew 6:19-34; Philippians 4:4-9; John 14; 1 Peter
5:6-7; and Psalms 27, 37, 46, 56, 73, 94. Meditate on God
and His gospel promises to you in Christ. Repeat the
stirring maxim of the late Jack Miller, “Preach the
gospel to yourself daily.”


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