A Lesson from Alzheimer's

I attended a little video seminar at work presented by a woman whose husband had lived and died through Alzheimers.  It made me remember a quote from last semester's counseling class... something about how we can't avoid the suffering, but we want to suffer well.  And this woman walked beside her husband suffering well.
Here's what I learned from her:

Is what I'm saying or doing done in celebration or toleration of the people around me?

How would I feel if someone had just said what I said to me?

Are my words medicine?

Is this a battle that really matters?

After a setback or failure, why not do a little dance and start all over?

Are my decisions based on what is easiest for me or what honors my husband the most?

Although these questions are good to store up if my David does ever get Alzheimer's, they sure are applicable for today.


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