When I was in 7th grade, I determined myself to win a certain award as a senior in high school.  Ummm... I don't remember what the award was called - but I paid attention every year to who won it. My best friend, Moni, knew that I was longing for this recognition.  On the night of the Senior Awards Banquet, she presented me with a necklace as my best-friend-award.  I lost that necklace somewhere in Iowa on a college trip.  And I want it back.  The trophy in the trophy case at Canyon High School... well, after these 17 years - who cares that my name is on it? But that friendship?  Though it's long distance, I love having my name still on it.

And I'm looking at my goals, good things I want for my family, my ministry, my life... and I just want to be really careful that I'm working towards the right things.


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