A New Name

April Lynn Sumner.  Sumner.  Sumner.  My new name.
From the moment a girl enters puberty she is trying her first name with every cute boy's last name.  The second she confesses a crush her friends jump to the game of name matching.  Oh, that sounds really nice.  And when the crush turns into "real love", she spends hours practicing how she will sign her name.
I've been practicing.  My pages are full of tear drops of amazement.  All this time I just didn't know what my name would be.  With it comes a new identity, a new role, a new place in other peoples' lives.  And a new home... Not just a physical home - but David Christopher Sumner.  He will be my home.  I will belong to him.
Rejoice that your name has been written in heaven.  It's not that your name is written on an invitation to a party where you get to go and then have to go home.  This is the name like you get at a wedding.  This is an invitation to be home. -Mark Moore, The Joy of the Lord
And I keep thinking about how April Sumner feels like it's my real name, the name I was born to have.  But it's not.  There's one more name.  And there's one more Home.  And that's where I really belong.


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