It Works Both Ways

I have been working with a great office here in Verona. They help foreigners be "legal". Because I am single, my documentation has been fairly straight forward. Though time consuming, it hasn't been too crazy. We're working on getting my co-workers' family visa. Mama mia! I feel like I'm swimming in an ocean of man-eating seaweed. I told the lady at the office today that, and she said, "Yes, and especially since the laws are always changing", changing so fast not even the governmental web-sites can keep up.
So, I just tried to peak in to what it would be like on the other side... if I were Italian and I wanted to go to America... well, there are different hoops to jump through of course, but there are hoops none-the-less. Lots and lots of hoops.
So, be nice the next time you come across a foreigner. They've worked hard to get there.


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