How Beautiful

When I go walking, the first thing I listen to is my favorite secular song even if I'm going to listen to Scripture or worship music during my journey. It's fast and makes me walk fast. And it's fun which makes me perk up even if I'm walking to take an exam on a rainy freezing day. It's a cheesy song. I'm not denying it. But I love it. There's this one line that makes me walk a little taller:
What a beautiful lady, no ifs, ands or maybes.
I told you it was cheesy. Anyway, every time I hear that line I grin a little and I start acting like it. Like the song is totally talking about me. Like everyone who can see me is actually thinking, <> Which I realise is a realise is a ridiculous thought - because I'm sure that' not how you would translate the lyrics, and it's not like everyone's looking at me anyway. The point is - I believe it. Even if I'm wearing my tacky American Nike tennis shoes.
And it's just a song.
What happens when the God of the Universe says that I am beautiful? Well, actually, He says that my feet(!) are beautiful because I carry some good news. Huh. My feet that are scared and sometimes stinky and have some weird nail issue goin' on. Shoot. That's good news in itself.
Maybe I should start acting like it.


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