Christmas Quotes

You know I love children. And I love what say. This weekend I had eight (two of which can't say much yet). So, I had lots of treasures to write down.

Mom, Frannie's getting in my worm hole! -Trey, age 7

I likethis meal, Miss April.
Yah... who wouldn't? -Harrison, age 4and Trey, age 7

Are those pillows new? Better not drool on 'em. -Trey

It really IS a princess bed. -Chloe, age 10

I'd like to visit every poor country in the world and give everyone a house. -Haven, age 9

I think it looks a little wierd when you put your hair down. -Trey

I love breakfast at your house. It rocks my face. - Harrison, age 4

Hey, sis. Oh, you're not my sister. -Lance, age 10

Your bed smells beautiful. - Harrison, age 4


Tara said…
Oh that made me smile! Glad you could have christmas with the Casey's!

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