The Shopping List - Neighborhood Style

Today's shopping list:
pepper balls for the pepper grinder
2 white tea cups
Coca Cola Light
rocks (for the bottom of my plants)
contact solution
toilet paper
4 plastic pots to replant plants
2 pillows
2 pillow cases
binder (for sheet music)
paper towels
spiral notebook
candle holder
cheap alarm clock for guest bedroom

In America, this list would take me to Wal-Mart for 30 minutes and would cost about $60. Here... today I went to

the bank - to get out cash from the ATM

the grocery store - bleach, Coca Cola light, pepper balls, toilet paper, paper towels

the garden store - rocks, pots, candle holder (where my little garden lady answered some questions about my plants and gave me an extra candle as a gift)

the glasses/contact store - contact solution

the dish shop - two tea cups (one of my favorite stores! The lady will hand paint monograms or any design you want on anything in the store. Beautiful! However, I just got two sweet little cups and saucers. We talked for a long while about the differences between America and Italy and about how much I love dinner parties.)

the appliance store - alarm clock (where the man put a battery in the clock and set the time for me)

the stationary store - notebook and binder

the linen shop - pillows and pillow cases

Time: 2 hours
Price: about $150 US (and that was bargain shopping!... well, except for the tea-cups... but they were only about 2 euro more each than the cheapest I've found - and they are darling. )

But to walk in every store and be called Beautiful Darling or Princess or Love of My Life... Sigh. A very good way to spend the morning.


Sue said…
That would brighten up your day! Shopping in little shops is so much more fun than Wal-Mart, even if it did take longer. Were you walking or on your bike? How did you get the pillows home with all the other stuff if you were on your bike? We certainly take our cars for granted. Enjoy your posts & photos so much.
valeria said…
Hi! Very nice post, April! It's much nicer to shop in town, more enjoyable... Although sometimes I like to go to a shopping mall (centro commerciale) where I can find everything concentrated in one place. But it's so so so tiring, I always come home with a headache.
I'd love to see your home, can I come for a coffee?

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