Things I Love About My Italian Life

(not in any particular order)
1. The grocery store puts things on ½ off before their expiration date. Milk, meat… if you know you’re going to use it soon you’ll save a bunch of money!
2. Veggies that are just starting to go bad are cut up and grouped together in a package then sold as “Minestrone”. It’s wonderful! I have made soup with them, but also have added them to salads.
3. There is a clothes drying rack on the high ceiling above my bathtub. Each individual rack is on a cable. You lower a rack down and hang clothes on it and then pull the rope down to send the clothes back up. It’s high enough that a beach towel isn’t in the way. Although I do have a dryer, this is nice for odds and ends.
4. I love keeping my windows and French doors open. I am thankful that it’s cool enough (high 80’s today) to do so. I like being able to hear my neighbors’ oven timer go off or phone ring. It makes me feel like part of a community. Sometimes I hear different people practicing their instruments. Love it!
5. It is so beautiful here I can’t even tell you. My condo building is not exactly stunning, but everywhere you look there are gorgeous homes. And when I bike into the country (which is very close by) and go through vineyards and orchards. Wow. And the castles and the old country churches and the villas…
6. Balconies. I like to spy on the neighbors in the buildings across the street. One man talks on his cell phone every night as he smokes out there. One man shakes out his table cloth every day at 1:45. I won’t mention what these men are wearing. Or not wearing. Apparently, the balcony is considered an extension of your own private space.
7. Flowers! From the market, growing on my balcony (though they are struggling), in the garden next door, overflowing on other people’s balconies.
8. The food. You knew that would be here somewhere.
9. Transportation: My bicycle. It gives me freedom to go explore the countryside. Yesterday I even rode through a tunnel. At one point it looked like I was going to ride straight into the Alps. And I’m thankful for trains. No way could I ride my bike in the Alps, but I can ride the train there!
10. My kitchen. Seriously. Even though it doesn’t have cabinets in it. I love having it and cooking in it and playing in it. I even don’t mind cleaning it.


Tara said…
Oh April, I loved seeing you in this post. I really do miss you, all your aprilisms and I just kinda feel like I just visited you in Italy today. Love you and Praying for you.
Sue said…
Hi April. I'm Sue, (Alisa & Dave's cousin from NC) and though I don't really know you, I feel like I've gotten to know you just a little from seeing your pictures & posts on Alisa, Dave & Priscilla's facebook pages. You seem very sweet and I love how the Travis boys love you so much. I admire your dedication to God and willingness to serve Him. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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