How to Make a Cappuccino.

1. Delivery men bring the stove but won't hook it up because the gas isn't turned on.

2. The gas guy comes to turn on the gas but won't hook up the oven because it's not his job.

3. Matt sends over a gas guy that is working at his house.

4. The gas guy arrives but there is no tube to hook up the stove to the gas pipe.

5. Walk with the gas guy to the hardware store to buy the tube and two other little parts. Have a real conversation with him.

6. Gas guy works on hooking things up while you ride your bike to an ATM to get the cash you'll need to pay him.

7. Return home to pay him.

8. Gas guy lights the stove and gives you a thumbs up.

9. Buy an espresso pot, espresso, milk, a frothing pitcher, a tiny spoon and a tiny cup.

10. Put water in the bottom part of the pot and espresso in the middle part. Turn on stove and set the pot on the fire.

11. Pour milk into the frothing pitcher. Warm the milk on the stove, but don't boil.

12. After the coffee boils, remove from the fire. The towel you use to do this will be stuck to the plastic handle because you set the pot in the middle of the fire. You didn't know it was to be only on the edge so the handle melted. Peal away the towel.

13. Use the pump on the top of the frothing pitcher to froth the milk.

14. Pour the espresso in your tiny cup.

15. Using the spoon to keep the froth from going in your cup, pour a little milk into the tiny cup.

16. Spoon a little froth into your cup.

17. Take your cappuccino out onto your balcony and drink it in two sips.



david said…
ahhh.... so thats why they charge $5/cup....
Brandy said…
Must have tasted deliciso after all that work!

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