Hollywood vs. Sundance

"OK," my friend said, "Let's play out the situation like it were a movie. If it were a Hollywood movie, you would say... and then they would say... and then you would... and they would..." And now the Sundance movie. "You would say... and they would say... and then... Which is probably what's going to end up happening in real life."

I often let myself be swept up in big ideas and romantic notions, even when it comes to non-romantic things. I want everything to be beautiful and dramatic and exciting and... such high expectations.

That's when Sundance comes in. Not what you want to happen. Not the easy way out. Not the swelling music but the ouch-that-hurts silence. The real life.

When I pray Thy Will be Done I mostly am praying, "Lord, please take this situation and turn it around Hollywood style." I might say with my lips, "I only want Your best, so if this isn't it close the door." What I'm really saying though is, "Please let this be it!"


I need to make sure that when I pray those words I will be ready for the Sundance version, too.


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