Will and Me

Usually children love me. Not so with Will. Our first few meetings together were very traumatic for him. He was locked in a strange room and I was a stranger and even after spending a couple of months hanging out together he's still not so sure of me.

I want him to like me, to fill comfortable with me, to enjoy me.
I watch Will play and I want to play with him. I don't want him to get scared when I sit next to his box of blocks. I don't want him to scream louder when I pick him up. I want him to see me as someone who loves him. And though I'm not comparing myself to God I think I'm learning something of God's heart.

...a little about wanting someone to choose you... wanting someone to love you... and how it feels to already love someone but want to enjoy that love fully.

So, Will and me. We're getting there. Yesterday he babbled to me a couple of times. He giggled when I caught him trying to climb on the back of the couch. He laughed when I laughed when a toy made an unexpected sound. We had a little game going on for a few minutes. Someday he'll reach for me. I just know it.

And God is waiting for the same.


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