I feel a little out-of-control concerning my future. The truth is, we are never in control of even this afternoon but we want to feel like we are.

I'm waiting on some people and some circumstances to go to Italy. There is absolutely nothing I can do but pray, encourage, and pray some more. Although frustrating, I do know that God's timing is always perfect when we wait on Him.

Once I get the "OK" sign to start the going process, there are a ton of things I'll need to do... pack, clean, get my visa. All those things are up-in-the-air right now and I'm dying to just start them now. But I'm waiting a little while longer.

In the mean time, I've been having some strange dreams. Last night I dreamed I was supposed to cook different cuts of meat in the same oven and have them all ready at the same time. Although some had to be done at low temperatures for all day and some needed a few minutes under a quick heat. I guess it's just a picture of life, of what reality has in store for us. I guess it's a good thing we aren't in charge after all.


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