What's Weird About Me

We are all weird. But, as long as your weird stuff and my weired stuff match up, we'll be ok. Here's how I'm weird: (well, just a partial list)

I love to be organized and label everything (even the areas of my closet - jeans, sweaters, etc...) but am very messy at the same time.

I am a full introvert, but I love the spotlight.

I'm almost a vegetarian, except when I can't see the meat (like in chili or a quesadilla).

I would rather listen to a sermon, book, the news, etc. than watch or read it and I love NPR even though I am a "conservative Christian".

My alarm rings an hour before I need it to, and I actually get up then so I can piddle around.

Even though my hair has always had body, it became curly when I turned 30. But, I straighten it most days.

The amount of "stuff" I own right now could fit in the back of a truck.

I do not own any furniture, a car, dishes, or a TV and I'm 33 years old.

I -for the most part- really love my life.

I make lists of books I want to write.

Well... I could just go on and on. How 'bout you? What's your weird stuff?

(This is dedicated to Pratt.)


Ashley Pratt said…
Thank you for this 'dedication' to me!! :)
My weird things...
1- I really love ketchup, but I hate tomatoes (its all because of a ridiculous thing that happened when I was little).

2- All of the things that I own as well could fit in the back of a pickup truck.

3- I love musicals, but I LOVE to sing them as well...

4- I have 'funny' crushes on random celebrities!!

5- I snort when I laugh. :)
Tara said…
1. When driving in the car, I see other drivers in their own cars, I make up conversations they are probably having...having fabulous lives or intense fights.. I know I'm weird.

2. I baby my potted plants like they are my children..

3. While swimming laps, I get lost swimming/ thinking and sometimes forget where I'm at.

4. I have to have a pair of gloves in every coat pocket I have.

There's my partial list

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