Falling In Love with Fall

Everyone around me must be going crazy with my fall excitement. I haven't experienced fall in ten years. I'm just crazy about it even though it comes in mild form in South Texas. We're still in the upper 80s in the afternoon, but in the morning it's delightful! Yesterday morning I went walking and it was 59 degrees. That's ten degrees cooler than it ever was in Haiti. I could even see my breath. I loved it.
Today my mom, sister and I decorated the house. It was really fun. I was put in charge of the front of the house. Mercy me! I could have spent thousands of dollars and hours decorating. Very fun! Did you see the little scarecrows lining the walkway? They were only a dollar!
The other day I made fall cookies using half a malted milkball and candy corn.
Anyway it has been really fun... and I'm so thankful for this season. Which, is a perfect reminder for me to be thankful for this Season - the season of in between waiting. There's so much to delight in. Next up - caramel apples and a trip to the Ozarks to see some real red and orange leaves.


Tara said…
You are going to the ozarks... how fun.. lots of explosion of color up this way.. I love fall too. I'm a big fall fan. It's like God just told the trees to perform there last little dance hurrah for us before they take their winter snooze. I too like the morning dressing warm turning on the heater and then by after noon it's 70's and open window time.
Sorry for writing so much!

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