You might be surprised, but I love to box. Well, on my Wii... and really on training... and only for 4 rounds. After that, I'm dead.

Anyway... today I made it to 17 points, which means I knocked 17 punching bags off their hooks in one minute. Here are the keys to such great boxing:

1. Don't watch the clock or score.
2. Hit like crazy.

Isn't this true with life... especially when it comes to the Gospel. If we're so concerned about the measurements, we're going to miss a few punches. So, just keep hitting until your arms fall off.


Tara said…
Good thoughts april!
Sara said…
APRIL! well, you may not believe this... but it's sara "chase" here! well, sara wood now.... i happened up on your blog through tara campbells!! how are you??... you're leaving haiti?? i was just thinking of you the other fact, someone asked me about you...i would love to hear from you and all that's going on your life!!! can check out my family blog at or email me at i love the internet for connecting people!!:) hope you're well!

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