Three Guidelines

In Haiti, there are 3 sayings that you hear all the time as excuses.

I can't. I don't have. It's not my fault.

I've been thinking a lot about them lately. I have this problem with thinking. I do it too much. I'm always analyzing my life and your life, too. I'm thinking of ways to improve both and have lots of ideas to help yours be just as great as mine.

However, even though I love you, even though we're friends, how you drive/wash dishes/write you small k's (they are supposed to have a little tummy instead of a straight slant up) is not my business. I don't need to advise every detail of your life.

So... I'm stealing some of Haitian sayings and making them my own.

M pa kapab.
If there is nothing I can do, then why even spend time worrying about it. Let me just pray about it and let it go.

M pa gen.
If I don't have any way to help, let me trust God to take care of it. He has exactly what you need.

Li pa fut mwen.
If it's not my fault, if I'm not responsible... then I'm just going to back away and be here when you need me.

It's a good checklist. Here I go... oh, wait. Here I stop.


Aerial said…
Ciao Miss aprile.

I was at camp illiana

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