Spot the Missionary, Introvert, Political Activist, and Alien

If I could go anywhere I would go to China. I will go with Dorothy. I would tell people about Jesus so they can trust in God. If everybody in the world trust in the Lord then I'll be happy.

I want to go to California to see the giant sequoia and to see when the people are making the movies.

If I could go anywhere I'll go to my grandmother's house. My mother will go with me. I will go eat, play with my grandmother. Every day we will have a party.

I could go to the museum by myself. I could go look for dinosaurs. I could sit inside and rest.

If I could go anywhere, I'd go to Astralia to visit the kangaroos and the zebras. I would go there with my friends. I would want to go there because I never saw huge animals before. I would love going there because I never saw beautiful kinds of people before.

If I could go anywhere I'd go to the Palace. I will ask our president to please sell the foods for less money.

I will go to Mexico. I will go with Miss April and Miss April's Dad Mr. Houk and we will buy some ice cream and pizza and som stakes. And we will go to a beautiful hotel and have a party for the hole night. Then when we wake up we will go have some muffins.

If I could go anywhere I'd go to the Earth. I want to visit the Earth to see everything.


cady said…
oh man, april, i am still laughing out loud at funny little williams. can't you send him back to preschool for next year? please!!!
Anonymous said…
hi! my name is Tamara Goodding - I was googling the pronunciation of "Bedjina" and came across your blog. My husband and I have very recently partnered with Compassion Int'l, and the beautiful little girl we chose is named "Bedjina Love Sine", who is from Haiti - a place I've always wanted to sponsor a child from. I read over a few of your archived entries, as well as your most recent ones, and I am very excited about what you are doing for these kids, their parents, their neighborhood, and His kingdom!
--Tamara & Micah Goodding
Longview, TX

p.s. how do you pronounce her name: behd-jean-ah? beh-szheen-ah? seen? seen-ah? sign?)
Anonymous said…
sorry! I forgot to leave a forwarding email!

or, my husband's email:
Ashley Pratt said…
i will be joining williams on his adventure to visit earth.
we will send you some pictures!! :)

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