The Advice Column

Love each other like sisters and brothers. When you see they don’t have help, help them. Work very, very hard. –Jorane

You can have a good life by being kind to people. You can have a good life by praying to God and loving God. –Jennifer

You have to share with others! You have to have wisdom! You have to be nice! And you have to brush your teeth every day! -Johaan

You will have a good life by doing these things: listen to wisdom, run away from an adltury woman, stay away form evil, and study a lot. Most of all stay away form lies. –Laure

If you went to have a good life you need to have wisdom and understaining. You need to have one wife or one husband. You need to have Christ in your life. You need to love God. –D’Jenie

Every day you have to eat some apples and vegetable every day. –Darbyley

You have to go to church. You have to opeby everything they say you. You have to do what is right. And you have to be nice. –Cedric

Be nice to each other everyday. Help your dad. Pray everyday. –Lea

Be a good worker where ever you go. Don’t be mean to your mom and dad. Trust in God everyday. Be careful with somebody. –Eveline

Do not kill. Don’t be mean. Be nice to every one. Do not steal. –Jovenel

Don’t be lazy or crazy. Work hard like the ants. –Melchisedek


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