If you want to be a good teacher…

Work a lot. –Eveline
Say kind things. –Skakel
You have to pray to God. –Darbyley
You have to know how to count –Jenny
Make the student a better person. –Jovenel
Do what is right. –Johaan
Make learning fun. –Jovenel
You have to think. –Jorane
Love us and hug us. –Moses
Don’t be lazy. –Laure
Don’t be crazy. –William’s
Dance all the time. –Lea
Be happy and proud to be our teacher. –Jovenel
Pay attention. –Cedric
Take care of the students. –Tasha
Play. –Samuelle
Be careful with us. –Johaan
Love Jesus. –Wood Kimley


ecasimir said…
Great List. I am am going to share this with my fellow education majors here at Kentucky Christian!

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