The Lord is at Work!

This week, we've been talking a lot about saying, "Thank You."... we studied the ten men who were healed by Jesus... and only one said thanks...

Yesterday I gave my kids a little "just because" gift. I was surprised at how many didn't say Thank You. They were too excited to return to their desk and show their friends. I had a little talk with them at the end ...

It's such a reminder that 2nd grade is really forming who they'll be... they kind of people they will be. Didn't the writer of Peter Pan say that, "Nothing important happens to us after we're twelve years old." They are learning some important stuff every day.

At recess, Mike came up to me and said, "Miss April, I didn't say thank you when you gave me the gift. I will say it now." Then, he hugged me tight and said in my ear, "Thank You."


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