Spending Christmas with Cedric

Cedric has ants in his pants, three ant hills worth. During the Christmas program last night, I literally sat behind him (in a miniature preschool chair) and wrapped my arms around him to tie him down. What I really did was just tie me to a delightful evening.

As we were waiting for the program to begin, Mme. Warren passed in front of our class, five months pregnant. Cedric turned to me with big eyes and said, “Mme. Warren’s tummy is beautiful.”

Brice’s drums were directly in front of our class. He kept a steady little beat during the 11th grade boys’ song. Then, all of the sudden, he did a rip… you know a quick dud-dud-bud-ta-whosh-whosh-dud-dud-bud-duh-tuh-tuh-tuh using every drum. Cedric jerked around and looked me right in the face and said a slow, “Wow”.

The third time I said, “This is one of my favorites!” he replied “You have too many favorites. You can only have one favorite.”

After two cute high school couples danced the jig, circling around each other with folded arms at chest level, Cedric said, “Oh… that made me laugh!” and demonstrated with his arms and upper body.

When the eighth grade class finished reciting scripture he leaned into me and whispered, “That was from the Bible.”

And the sparklers! “What are they?” “What are they?” “What are they?”

I had a delightful time, wrapped up around a little boy who enjoyed the night… and made a delightful evening even more special. And it was a reminder that when those ants in his pants start dancing a jig, maybe I should just crouch down behind him, circle my arms around him, and watch life through his excited eyes.


John Blackburn said…
Thanks for sharing. As a former primary school teacher in China, I have had some Cedrics, too. I am currently reading a book aloud to my children in which a teacher talks about her "My Child's." Every year, she gets new students, and every year one or two form a special bond with her. She soon learns that this one is "My Child" and that one is "My Child," too. I have had many "My Child's" through the years. They are adorable,a challenge, usually disruptive, but oh so lovable. (But other teachers and students seldom see that). Cedric would definitely be a "My Child" of mine if I taught him. Be blessed by him and pray for him in the years to come! I know I will.

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