Jovenel is a boy who came from America. He cracks me up. His English is fantastic - and he says things that my other students would never say. Instead of just, "Yes", he'll say, "Well, sure. I can do that." or "No problem, I got it." I'm constantly shocked and amazed.

Not only is is English use of idioms fantastic, he just is a little more mature in many aspects.

I'm constantly trying to teach my kids to share. Some of them are really, really possessive. I wonder if that's because they have so little? Anyway... the other day Jovenel was in the bathroom. I was sitting at his table and asked another little guy to come sit in Jovenel's chair for a second to answer a question. When Jovenel returned the other kids were anxious to tell Jovenel that Mike sat in his chair when he was gone! Jovenel answered with a quick shrug saying, "What do I care? I didn't buy it."


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