Oops! I Made a Mistake!

I try to teach my students that the correct response to a mistake - whether it be theirs or someone else's - is not to get angry or even frustrated. I have a book called Oops! In it, everyone keeps making mistakes. The point is, you just have to clean it up and move on. We each practice saying, "Oops! I made a mistake." Then everyone else replies, "No worries." I even help my kids learn to correct me politely, "Excuse me, Miss April. I think you made a mistake." If I'm working on the board and make a mistake, I always say, "Good thing we have erasers!"

Today I was stapling little "books" my kids were making and I stapled Cedric's papers in the wrong order. I said, "Oops. Sorry, Cedric." He said, "No worries." As I took out the staple Tasha said, "That's why we have an eraser."

Don't you love when we get to fix our mistakes... or when Jesus does... Don't you love what grace erases...


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