My Two Munchkins

I have two little, little ones in my second grade class. Really little. They both could easily fit in in the preschool class: Fedeline and William's. Yes, William's name does have an apostrophe - which gets a little complicated when I teach 's for ownership: William's's? Anyway, he comes up to Jovenel's (who is the tallest) waist. Fedeline is only about a half inch taller. She has a nickname for her dear friend: "Itty Bitty." She'll yell on the playground, "Hey! Come here Itty Bitty!" Of course, William's comes running.

Today, William's, who is always dancing, danced his way to his seat after bathroom time. Fedeline just looked at me and laughed and said, "He's a crazy man!"

I hope they get married.


Anonymous said…
I love those two!! And if they got married, how sweet would that be?!?! I am so glad that you love those two...because I truly do!

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