Fathering Advice

In honor of my dad's birthday today, I had my kids tell me "how to be a good dad"... Here's their advice.

You have to be nice and you have to be a good person. You have to be pleasant. –Phana

Don’t fite. Be nice. Take care of each other. Choose to be Happy. –Wadkens

To be nice and, to be lovely and, to be happy! – Johaan

Be nice. Be polite. dont fight. Dont killed people. Take care of each child. Work hard for them. Don’t say bad word to them. –Jorane

Teach your children to be good. –D’Jenie

Take care of your children. –Laure

You have to be nice and helpful. –Lea

When the child say bad word the dad spenk the child. –Skakel

If you know soom thing bad is going to hoppen don’t let your son or daughters go. –Jovenel

You take care of us and work for us and pay school for us in pay car for us. -Moses


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