If you had a hundred dollars...

If I have $100 I would buy a motorcycle because I want to buy it for my dad.

I would buy a box of candy.

I would buy two cars with $100.

I will buy an apple with it.

I will buy a truck to make money.

I will buy a big house.
-Wood Kimley

First, I will buy a video game.

I would buy a backpack, shoes, and a sock.

If I have $100 I will be happy.

I will buy a big bus and a house for me and Miss April to live in.

I will buy a ball and a water gun.

I would buy a bracelet and a beautiful dress for me.

I would buy tow packs of pancakes because I like pancakes.

I would buy a window for the church.
(In Jr. Worship, our offering is for a window for our new church building.)


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