How to be a good teacher...

These journal enteries are unedited.

A good teacher teaches spelling and reading. A good teacher will teach us to sing. A good teacher will learn to love the child.

Teachers help student learn. They sing with student. They play with studant.

A good teacher is nice. A good teacher is helpful. A good teacher love us.

You haves a good mind.

To be a good teacher you have to be nice. A good teacher sings and reads to the kids. And you have to be patient with the kids.

A teacher loves the children. Jesus loves the teacher. Jesus loves the children.

A teacher loves to help children. A teacher loves God so so so much. A teacher loves to pray to God.

A good teacher likes to read. A good teacher likes children. A good teacher likes to drink.

(I promise you that there is only Diet Coke in my coffee cup! - Miss April)


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