The Rules at the Smithsonian

One of our reading stories is about The Smithsonian Institution. We learn about museums and all the treasures that are held in them. Of course, my kids have never been to a museum. So, we take a field trip to visit the Smithsonian. Its Haiti branch is conveniently located in my living room. There are five exhibits showing at this museum, all different forms of Haitian art. However, to the disappointment of especially Olivier, there are no dinosaur exhibits.

My students toured the museum in groups of five. I went with one group. Before any of the groups left I talked about the museum rules about touching the exhibits and accidentally bumping tables. These rules were echoed by Mme. Richard, the tour guide as well as the curator, Mme. Terrall (who came all the way from the Mid-West to work at the museum). When I was commenting on a carved Haitian map on the wall I reached up just to point out Port de Paix to my students. Before I could even get close, Bedjina yelled, "DON'T TOUCH!"


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