Beautiful, beautiful...

Today I finished making a slide show of my 2nd graders' pictures. I think I've watched it at least eight times tonight. I keep seeing silly faces in the background... or huge revelations of their personalities. I've laughed and I've cried. The funny thing is - didn't I just spend six hours with them today?

For the background music, I chose "All Things are Possible." ... which is so true! I remember having to beg God to help me love my students. I remember being so frustrated and feeling claustrophobic. I remember counting down the minutes until school was over. I remember having to go stand in the hall for a few minutes just to get a breath of fresh air. I remember hating being a teacher.

If God can turn me into a teacher - and someone who loves it - then He is a big God.

I'm so thankful He stuck with me. I'm so thankful He didn't let me walk away from the blessings He had in store.


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