Favorite Teams

My kids have their first capitals and countries test on Friday. We learn random cities from around the world. My kids were writing the cities during handwriting time today. I walked around quizzing them. When I got to my "blue" team, they were talking about their favorite soccer teams. Now, Haitians LOVE soccer! My kids (even the girls) can name players and where they really play and their World Cup Home team. So, they were going around saying, "My team is Brazil!" "My team is Argentina!" "My team is France!" (Interesting that Italy was never mentioned???) Then, it came to my Little White One (as I call her in my head), the one who is from Missouri who has no idea about World Cup Soccer. She announced with great pride, "My team is the Wildcats!" Everyone just looked at her like, OK - that must be a country we don't know about yet!


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