Best Memories

It's so good to be back home. One of my favorite questions for our staff is, "What is your favorite memory from the summer?" Well, I have two and they both involve a car and laughter.

The first came as I was passenger to Kathy in Ohio. We had just seen a movie and were talking about girl things - and started laughing hard, with tears and everything. I said, "Kathy, you shouldn't be driving!" You should know that even when she is not hysterical, Kathy claims to be a bad driver. Well, we started laughing even harder and she did almost cause a wreck. The good part was that she only almost caused a wreck. If we had died we would have literally died happy.

The second was in Colorado with Rebecca. We were stopped at a forever-red light next to a trailer of cows. The stench was so bad we couldn't breathe. Seriously. We started laughing as we were dramatically covering our mouths and noses (which was very necessary). I turned to notice that the car directly behind the trailer had two women who were doing the same thing. When they saw us and we saw them, we all started laughing like crazy.

Even now I'm laughing.


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