I usually keep plug-ins around my house to make it smell yummy. However, I didn't pack well, and shipped my refills. So, I am using my small supply very carefully. Yesterday I came home to a strange smell: a hotel. I couldn't figure it out. Why did my little apartment smell like the Embassy Suites and Days Inn? I finally realized it was because my house was so clean. The plug-ins couldn't hide the smell of bleach. Now, it's not that I'm tooting my own horn. I was not the one who scrubbed the shower 'till it shined. My dear and excellent house keeper did. She has been gone for a year and I am so glad to have her back. We have house workers for two reasons: to give jobs to people who don't have many other options, and to free our time so that we can work and be busy being teachers and missionaries. However, the honest-to-goodness best part is coming home to a very, very clean house... a house that -were it left up to me- would not be very clean but would have many, many plug-ins.


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