Words of Advice from Second Grade

Every year we are asked to have our students write words of advice for our graduating seniors. Here is some of the advice (not edited!)

You got to be nice every day. do not steal. be smrat. respect your mom and dad. take car of each other.
-Ben Karma, girl, age 9

don't fight. dont steal. Trust in God. go to church every day. be kind don't say bad words. prey when you go to bed. don't kill people don't lie. Don't trust in evel. Shear with other people. help each other. Take cear of each other.
-Manzi, boy, age "7 getting 8"

Love God don't steal things don't take people wife pray all day work hard don't take two wife don't be jealous be brave
-Levension, boy, age 8

Don't be ugly to other people
-Nathan, boy, age 9

Do not steal people hunsbad. Do not steal people wife. Do not have 100 wife. Do not take people things. If you take people things God will be very, very sad. Don't even take people money. Don't take people house.
-Medjina, girl, age 8

1. You must love God.
2. You have to be nice.
3. Do not steal moeny.
4. You have to be friend.
5. Do not fight with each other.
-Schniderline, girl, age 7

Obey your freinds and you morther and farther. be nice to each other. love God. Love God every time. be ncie to people. do good things to God. When people is cring you say what is wrong. you read every day. you practis every day. you play with your friend. read your Bible every time in the morning.
-Liza, girl, age 8

1. You have to be kind.
2. You have to be loveing.
3. You have to be helpful.
4. You have to love the Bible.
5. You have to keep trust in God.
6. You have to shere with people.
7. You have to be nice to people.
8. You have to be good.
-Jeff, boy, age 8

Don't fight with people. Don't say bad word keep trust in God. Don't steal. be nice. be kind be helpful. pray all day. go to church. brush your teeth night in morning don't killed people. be friendly.
-Larry, boy, age 9

Love God.
OBey your Mother.
OBey your father.
OBey your big brother.
OBey your big sister.
OBey your Jesus.
LoVE Your family.
-Ralph, boy, age 9


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