Flag Day

Whoohoo - no school! I think "no school" is much more fun as a teacher than it was as a student. But, today is not the lazy-eat oreos for breakfast-read all day-paint my toenails-vacation type of day (but oh, those are coming!!!)... Today is a catch up-get ahead work day. Here's my agenda:

7 am - go to school: file everything that needs filing, get ready for the kids' store that they've earned tickets for, clean and organize

10 am - back home: start taking down things and organizing for house pack up/cover up: plants, books, kitchen decor

1 pm - file misc. papers saved throughout the year or trash them; pack closet, under-bed, and other storage areas as packed as can be

electricity - make no bake cookies for the kids' store tomorrow; clean out fridge

So, we'll see how it goes...


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