Sugar Bugs VS a Toothbrush

When the dentist was here, we talked about the sugar bugs who get strong when you eat sugar. If you don't brush your teeth, the sugar bugs will be so strong, they will start eating your teeth.

Many of my kids get a few coins to buy a treat after school. Usually, the coins are spent before school on candy or gum. Mike Shelda, who had a very tramatic bout with the dentist, has been sucking on a blowpop every morning before school.. and gum, and taffy, and... So, I reminded her about the sugar bugs and said it would be a good idea to eat the candy after school so she could go home and brush her teeth. She had a better idea, one that would let her continue to eat a fist full of candy in the morning. She just smiled and said, "If I bring my toothbrush in my backpack, can I brush my teeth at school?"


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