My Birthday Corsages

A few weeks ago, Fernande brought me a plastic pale pink rose with ribbons that were matted and grubby so I could wear it for my birthday. Then, Ralph brought me a huge plastic white rose with a few flakes of gold glitter on the edges that were hanging on for dear life. I spent a long time safety-pinning them on yesterday... even though some people (me included) saw them as tacky, they were sacrificial gifts from two little people who love me... two little people whom I love... How could I not be honored to wear them? And honestly, I did feel beautiful and special wearing them.

It's amazing that a perfect Creator God will accept my worship, my service, and my love... it all must seem so grimy and "used" and in fact, tacky. And yet, because of His Son - because of Love - God delights in my poor, silly, gifts. What's crazier is that my gifts glorify Him. They make Him more beautiful.


Abby said…
So true! I have often felt foolish writing with ink and paper in praise to the Creator of the Universe. How shabby my praise. But your story gives sweet perspective :) Thank you!

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