A Frosting Cake

Norma makes a frosting that I love - but I can't seem to "get it right." Mine always turns out runny. So, when she asked what I wanted as my birthday cake, I said, "Frosting." After my birthday dinner, Norma presented me with a beautiful cake with thick, thick frosting. Happy Birthday to Me... Candles... and then time to cut the cake... she handed me the knife. The cake was hard. I thought, "Maybe it is just frozen frosting - or the cake itself is frozen. So, I tried again. The third time, I tried sawing. No go. By this point, Norma was doubled over with tears running down her face. April Fool's! She had frosted an upside down pie dish. Literally, she had given me A Frosting Cake! That Norma! She's a stinker. Don't think that I didn't scrape off every bit of that frosting. It's in my fridge now.


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