Confessions of a Grapefruit Thief

I stole some grapefruit from Norma's tree. Nine grapefruit, to be exact. The bad part is that I didn't steal them for my table because I was hungry. I stole them to become the centerpiece.

It wasn't easy. My fingers are still raw from the tough thorns that didn't want the fruit to be released until it was ready. I sacrificed a good pair of scissors trying to cut, then saw, the branch off. The aching in my back is from reaching as high as I could to find a pretty grouping that would lay nicely.

Isn't that just like God? Protecting us - and making the devil work for our fruit. God doesn't make it easy for our fruit to be stolen. He's given us the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures, the Church, Prayer... things that - if we remain in Him - will make the Devil have to work for our fruit that he just wants to show off as a centerpiece.


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