All Loving

Two of my little boys got in a scuffle during recess today. After they both stood at my side to “cool off” for a few minutes, I listened to each side of the story. Levenson was first. Then it was Manzi’s turn. Manzi retold it in he-said-then-I-said fashion. I laughed out loud when Manzi said, “I told him, ‘Don’t think I’m all loving. I could beat you up.’”

As adults, we spend all our time wanting people to think we’re “all loving.” But God knows the truth. He knows our lack of love when we get annoyed or impatient. He sees our jealousy for the sin it is. It is very, very clear to Him that we are not all loving. However, isn’t it amazing to be confident in God who is all-100%-fully loving?!

As for Levenson and Manzi… they eventually apologized, forgave, and even hugged. Then they went to play soccer.


Brian said…
Which is exactly how my boys (and I think boys all over the world) fight. Kick the snot out of each other and then go outside to play.

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