What a Cherub Looks Like

One of my favorite moments of the day is when Schniderline kisses me hello in the morning. I squeeze her. Literally. Like she’s the Pillsbury Dough girl. And then I pat her tummy. And she almost smiles. But I know she likes it.

Schniderline is chubby and shy and little and quiet and solemn- but happy- and adorable. When she laughs or jumps I have to control myself not to run to her and squeeze her again. At recess, I know she wants to whisper something in my ear when she comes to stand about five feet away. As soon as I hold out my hand she bounces to me and pulls me down to her. Maybe she lists her favorite movies. Maybe she tells me what her mom cooked last night. But, what ever I get, I feel as if I’ve been given a very special treasure… not because what was said – but because she must have come from heaven to tell me.


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