Some (Candi Durbin) would describe my taste in earrings as gaudy. I prefer to say dramatic and daring. As a half joke (I think) my friend, Cheryl, sent me some extremely dramatic and daring earrings that look like a Spanish Gypsy’s treasure: bronze delicately swirled, weighted by drops of amber. Oh, and they’re really, really big. I love them. I feel like I’m a Spanish Gypsy when I where them. In fact, next time I wear them, I shall also wear a swirling skirt and a scarf around my head.

I walked into the school yard, expecting my kids to ooh and ahhhhhhhhhh over my new little - well, big - earrings. Instead, Fernande grabbed my hand and with a face of sheer horror asked, “Miss April! Why did you put those big things in your ears?”

I’ll spare you the rest of the very discouraging comments my kids made. I’ll also spare you the looks of disgust and embarrassment I received from the staff. But, don’t worry. I shall wear them again! I might be crushed today – but the Spanish Gypsy within me will not be defeated!


Anonymous said…
You know I love you and your big gaudy jewelry!
Brian said…
April, have you already forgotten the gypsies over here? Is that really the look you want to go for? :)
Mimi said…
April, I've got some big gaudy earrings. Perhaps not quite as big or flashy but they kind of look Egyptian (not Romanian, which is where I've always heard Gypsies originated from). I bet yours are cute. Send me a picture of you wearing them when you can. And who is Brian, and is he referring to gypsies in Haiti? Just e-mail your answer.

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