A Good Idea

Yesterday, to review for a test, we played Bible Basketball. Each student answered a question and then "shot" for points for his or her team. Then, my 2nd graders took the test. When it was over, Ralph said, "Thank you, Miss April." I raised my eyebrows and said, "You're welcome." Then Stanley said, "That was a good idea," and all the other children nodded yes and started clapping.

Seriously, I don't evaluate my teaching by the approval of 7 and 8 year-olds - yet, it was so fun to get "encouragement" from my little ones. What a reminder that I need to be vocal in my approval of people around me.


sharylpickens said…
Thanks for the awesome idea! I am writing our VBS curriculum and needed another game. I'll definitely use Bible Basketball!

Congratulations on your most blessed life. God is good!

Sharyl Pickens
Oklahoma City

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