Soccer Spills and Life Ones, Too

At recess, I have the students play soccer as one team. One goal keeper. So, that means there are about twenty five kids chasing one poor deflating ball all going the same way. My kids trip over shoes, the feet in other peoples’ shoes, other people who have tripped, and over the air. Has someone greased the soccer field? The number of spills resembles a Vaudeville act more than a soccer game.

This class is great about helping each other up. After all, our #1 rule in Second Grade is “Take Care of Each Other.” So I hear lots of are-you-alrights and I’m-sorries as a huddle of seven-year-olds reach out to aid the fallen.

That is exactly the point of the Church Community. It’s called encouragement – done through words, and hands, and prayers.

Thank you to everyone who helped me up today. I didn’t stay down long. You wouldn’t let me.


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