I totally believe that the more you pray for a kid, the deeper in your heart he’ll be. And, of course, you pray for those kids that seem to “need” it more.

Nathan was my kid last year. I agonized over ways to encourage him academically and calm him socially. He’s the one who changed all his Fs on his report card to As. (How does a little kid in Haiti think of that?) Needless to say, he stayed by my side another year.

He’s starting to feel successful and be successful. He’s starting to be a positive encouragement and example to the class. I don’t know where the “old” Nathan, went, but I am sure thankful that this one has come sat down in my classroom. It’s such a perfect reminder of God’s grace – and how He gives us second, third, and fourth chances to try-it-again. As I watch Nathan’s metamorphosis, I’m praying that I’m as pleasing to God as I change, as Nathan is to me.

By the way – as for Nathan’s report card this quarter … all As… all As.


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