The Darkness 1 John 1:6-8 Interactive Study Journal

Battles come in all shapes in sizes.  The effects of mine are plus size.  I do not over-eat.  I am an over-eater.  I am a glutton.  It runs deep in my blood and is my natural way of self-medicating, rewarding, and entertaining my heart.

Even this morning.  Even when I prayed this morning for a fresh start and a God-honoring mindset... I opened the fridge and ate some cookies for breakfast.  And then two more.  And then two more.

It's not cute.  It's not a little thing.  It's darkness.

I don't know why I do this, exactly.  Its pleasure is so quick, so demeaning, and so very disappointing.

But, I do know this... this is not the best for me.  This is not God-glorifying.  This is not living in the light of who God is and what He desires for me.

This is me trying to create my own life... trying to satisfy a moment's whim with whipped cream and another two cookies.  This isn't me enjoying the gift of food as nourishment and grace.  This is me manipulating it to be under the domain of "because I can."

And this is living in the darkness.

But, I have been called to light... to a refrigerator that is opened because our God is sustaining our physical bodies and our spiritual ones... to a cookbook enjoyed because we have a creative God who has made curry, cinnamon, and chocolate...

And to self-control, which says "I am bought with a price..." I am a slave to Christ and not to the cravings that speak false words of hope.

Christ is my peace.  Christ is my sure foundation. The cookies will give me neither.

The moment I believe they do, my eating is sinful.

But, there is hope for me.  Hope for this day... forgiveness for my sinful breakfast.  And hope for the days to come... maturity in living righteously.  And a hope for eternity... the sinless eternity I will know.

All because of the Cross.

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