The Cleansing 1 John 1:9-10 Interactive Study Journal

For the last few years, I have on-and-off been sitting with 1 John.  Rolling it around my mind.  Writing about it for a week or two, then putting it away.  Forgetting, remembering.  Ignoring. Craving.

I don't have one of those steel-trap minds.  I can re-read a book seven times and on the eight time still be surprised.  Still only know that the lead character's name starts with an M.  Maybe.

So, each time I pull out this study written two years ago, edited a year ago, now changing formats, it's like seeing it again for the first time.

The year I sat down to write this was a season of great wonder.  Freedom and time stretched in front of me like a luxury.  The year of editing it felt scary.  I thought I was a writer, but I am not... and I needed something else.  Now, this year... the third year, I find myself cozy with kindergartners, and so very much in love.  This writing thing now is a release, not a pressure.

I've held on to this idea for a long time.  I saw an interactive journal at a shop in Colorado and loved it.  However, it was a little too close to new-age.  A little too close to the dangers of following your heart.

But, what if your heart was following Jesus?  What if those of us whose pens and markers liked to doodle our prayers could doodle around Scripture?

Do you want to join me? 

In the forth section, we hear about God's amazing cleansing.  I am desperate for it.  Not just the eternal Heaven it will bring, but the sweet, tender maturing it brings me today.

My kindergartners journal their prayers through pictures.  We draw a trashcan to talk about forgiveness, a bar of soap to talk about getting all clean.

That soap, it smells like life.

To download a printable version of the forth section of this study, click here.

For  all the released sections, click here.


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