An Explanation Part 5: World View

Classical Christian Education teaches students to have a 

A Classical Christian School should not be a bubble where there is no interaction with what the world says or does.  In fact, it should encourage students to evaluate what the world has to offer in light of the Gospel and the promise of Heaven.  The sparkling lies of the world should be met with the truly glorious delights of knowing and walking with God. 

The classroom should be centered in Jesus.  The greatest energy and celebration each day should revolve around learning what the Word of God teaches, and memorizing Scriptures.  As students memorize the timeline of the Bible, they are equipped to see how God has redeemed His people again and again. Through prayer, addressing sin, and encouraging "towards love and good deeds"*, the classroom is a place where students seek and find grace.  The gospel affects discipline, communication, steadfastness, and gentleness.  The students sift through ideas to see if they line up with God's ways and measure them up to what He has said in the Word. Every aspect needs to point to Christ.

*Hebrews 10:24

This is the last part of a series explaining Classical Christian Education.

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